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0.7%-1.2% Daily for 90 days,
1.0% Daily for 68 days,
1.5% Daily for 120 days,
principal return.
Min/Max: $ 55.00 / No Limit
Bonus Referral: Up to 10%
Withdrawal: Instant
Our Invetment: $100.00
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BionicsOn PerfectMoney investment BionicsOn Bitcoin investment BionicsOn ePayCore investment
Last Payout: Jan 19th, 2021
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Lifetime: 80 days
Added: Jan 8th, 2021
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We are a global leader in real estate investing. We seek to utilize our global expertise and presence to generate attractive returns for our investors and to make a positive impact on the communities in which we invest. Bionicson is an online crowdfunded real estate investing platform. Investors earn returns through capital appreciation or rent payments as dividends. Our company focuses primarily on commercial office buildings and also residential real estate. Bionicson is a new platform for investing in real estate. Just like with other crowdfunded real estate platforms, investors from all over pool money together to invest in real estate. Bionicson includes a mix of both debt investments and equity investments in their portfolios. All of the investments offered on this site are portfolio based, so you are not able to pick and choose projects to invest in individually. Many different projects go into each portfolio, and then investors buy shares of ownership of the portfolio. This gives you diversification across many different real estate projects. Bionicson will pay daily dividends or what we calls distributions. These dividends consist of interest payments from loans and rental payments. The amount of your investment in the entire determines the amount of your dividend payout. Bionicson is open to all investors with no limitations. You do not need to be an accredited investor. FOUR SEGREGATED REAL ESTATE FUNDS THAT ENABLE INVESTORS TO DIVERSIFY THEIR HOLDINGS WITH HIGH-QUALITY, INCOME-PRODUCING PROPERTIES. Unlike most private real estate investments, our low minimums give you the flexibility to invest the right amount, at the right time, to meet your goals.Invest today and make an impact.

BionicsOn - payout statistics

BionicsOn Payout Ratio: 8%
Profit BionicsOn: $7.70 in 11 payouts
Our Investment on BionicsOn: $100.00 in 1 spends

Type Date Amount Comment
Profit Jan 19th, 2021 $0.70
Profit Jan 18th, 2021 $0.70
Profit Jan 17th, 2021 $0.70
Profit Jan 16th, 2021 $0.70
Profit Jan 15th, 2021 $0.70
Profit Jan 14th, 2021 $0.70
Profit Jan 13th, 2021 $0.70
Profit Jan 12th, 2021 $0.70
Profit Jan 11th, 2021 $0.70
Profit Jan 10th, 2021 $0.70
Profit Jan 9th, 2021 $0.70
Spend Jan 8th, 2021 $100.00