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0.34% Hourly for 21 days,
0.42% Hourly for 17 days,
247% After 17 days,
principal included
Min/Max: $ 10.00 / $ 50,000.00
Bonus Referral: 5% - 2%
Withdrawal: Manual
Our Invetment: $100.00
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Wise Robotics PerfectMoney investment Wise Robotics Payeer investment Wise Robotics Bitcoin investment Wise Robotics Etherum investment
Last Payout: Dec 25th, 2019
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Lifetime: 12 days
Added: Dec 15th, 2019
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The time is now! We so often forget that life isn't just about chasing money. Daily worries consume us completely - and we forget about the real life that we had in our childhood. Remember how cool you were when you were a kid - no one was interested in money. Who cared who cared? What will you regret in ten years? It is very likely that you will want to return to childhood. At a time when someone cares about you. When there is a strong mediator between you and the cruel world. Our company is engaged in automatic trading. Namely, we develop robots for trading in financial markets. Every year the power of computers grows, and with it the speed with which they think. Perhaps never again will a person be able to catch up with the computer. No emotions. Endless analysis of the current situation and history over the past 10 years. Today or never. You are resting - robots work!
Wise Robotics Payout Ratio: 100% in profit
Profit Wise Robotics: $100.00 in 10 payouts
Our Investment on Wise Robotics: $100.00 in 1 spends

Type Date Amount Comment
Profit Dec 25th, 2019 $10.00
Profit Dec 24th, 2019 $10.00
Profit Dec 23rd, 2019 $10.00
Profit Dec 22nd, 2019 $10.00
Profit Dec 21st, 2019 $10.00
Profit Dec 20th, 2019 $10.00
Profit Dec 19th, 2019 $10.00
Profit Dec 18th, 2019 $10.00
Profit Dec 17th, 2019 $10.00
Profit Dec 16th, 2019 $10.00
Spend Dec 15th, 2019 $100.00