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120% after 1 day,
190% after 3 days,
340% after 5 day,
principal included.
Min/Max: $ 10.00 / $ 120.000.00
Bonus Referral: Yes
Withdrawal: Manual
Our Invetment: $30.00
Payment Processors:
Afis Fund PerfectMoney investment Afis Fund Payeer investment Afis Fund Bitcoin investment Afis Fund BitcoinCash investment Afis Fund Litecoin investment Afis Fund Etherum investment Afis Fund Dash investment
Last Payout: Nov 23rd, 2020
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Lifetime: 115 days
Added: Aug 1st, 2020
Features Support: Support E-mail Support Phone: +44 753 7180 506 is SSL protected
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Very Good
Nov 21st, 2020 12:04:07
Payment has been completed from afis fund program today, Payment of 0.01btc in completion now, Thanks,a dmin for the given profit to my wallet
Very Good
Nov 20th, 2020 15:29:11
Thanks, your site is paying me, 198.26 USD processed! Your hyip should be an award-winning investments nominee at this very moment if there is something like that within the industry.
Very Good
Nov 20th, 2020 12:07:10
Date: 2020-11-20 12:04 From/To Account : U36184002 Amount:638.13 Currency: USD Batch: 342501259 Memo: API CODE
Very Good
Nov 19th, 2020 14:55:57
Like play, they confirmed my first and complete withdrawal from their own account to my privy account. Sure way of making cool money without stress.
Very Good
Nov 19th, 2020 13:11:36
$146.09 made. Received my income with no problems, Thank you, admin.
Nov 19th, 2020 11:49:55
The amount of 440.00 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U36184002->U~~~~~~. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Kalidou from Afis FUND.
Very Good
Nov 18th, 2020 18:52:00
I've duely profited from it!!! 0.10572867 BTC to 34MXjEkh5W311ETXC5eb3jEb1mYMnzbiK7,Thanks to you, admin. The payment is now completed.
Very Good
Nov 18th, 2020 12:42:53
my withdraw has been delivered since 2020-11-17 22:48 $9414.58 Greater and important response from admin
Very Good
Nov 18th, 2020 09:50:42
Your program is profitable to all, we are glad you decided to pay your investors accordinly, Payment of %340 completed right now. Thank you.
Very Good
Nov 17th, 2020 18:17:40
It's always good when you have experience ones doing the job! $3268.27 has been sent to your Perfect Money account. The transaction batch is 342284526.
Very Good
Nov 17th, 2020 14:28:17
Double payment now. withdrawal completed. Well done for the clean job done, admin. Won't stop here at all.
Very Good
Nov 17th, 2020 12:59:47
Very Good
Nov 16th, 2020 15:49:30
Payout is done~The amount of 730.00 USD has been deposited to your account.Accounts: U36184002->U904***. Memo: API Payment.
Very Good
Nov 16th, 2020 13:42:40
How honest admin! I was paid again..thanks admin very much. Batch: 342027734. us$64.00 received to my account from this program.
Very Good
Nov 16th, 2020 11:46:37
First result from this program to me, paid out 386.56 USD, Thank you all. We're just starting real busness now since you've prove what is right.
Very Good
Nov 15th, 2020 17:08:02
Today's payout is of good success, withdrawal has been made. withdrawal completed! HASH; 1.87483478 BTC 21bb05fc6fdbc093e624a494b39d43ef9d36dbb91e140374a4bf74420e632838
Very Good
Nov 15th, 2020 15:58:43
I got my first payment after just six days of 340% from my investment. I will deposit to your site again, admin. New deposit soon.
Nov 15th, 2020 12:39:14
Beautiful program we have here~The amount of 372.00 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U36184002->U6902215. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal done to Sonmart from afisfund program.
Very Good
Nov 14th, 2020 20:18:23
Today, at this very moment, I have a chance to build my capital by investing more and more than what I have already done in this business.
Very Good
Nov 14th, 2020 14:46:08
As I have followed the rules, I withdraw the certain amount request, should deposit same amount of the same last business back to the program.
Very Good
Nov 13th, 2020 17:34:17
0.30 usdollar sent from afisfund ot my account. Thanks for sending me payment.
Very Good
Nov 12th, 2020 14:06:07
Now, today received a pleasant bonus from a new deposit a referee from me opened within this system.
Very Good
Nov 12th, 2020 12:43:49
Paid the funds of $858.00. and it was upgraded into the account Immediately. People need to know that these people are ready for tranparency in business and not shaby at all
Very Good
Nov 12th, 2020 09:46:18
I'm in support of this investment project, they are paying me my profit, and everything in life goes with 'the earlier the better' Well done.
Very Good
Nov 11th, 2020 15:16:34
Thanks, given to me my asking price of $650.00. and Keeping in mind that you are still the ever growing and profitably expanding investment site ever known.

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